Little bit about me…


I’m not sure what my exact intentions were when I started this blog.

Initially, it was to stay in touch with a very important part of myself. My bad ass, kitchen slave, plant-based food loving self. But I also wanted to inspire people- and influence them to make conscious and exciting eating choices.

At the beginning stages of this page, it was entitled, “The Stuffed Vegan.” The idea was to promote plant-based dishes that were inspired by meat-based dishes. This theme was quickly discarded, because there are too many fantastic dishes that I would have to rule out. (My eyes have always been bigger than my stomach, so this was an impossibility.)

Something you should know about me- I’m not a die-hard anything. It’s hard for me to take extremists seriously. Perhaps it’s my culinary background- I prefer a little of this, a little of that, to make something homogenously wonderful. I have a short attention span. It’s nearly impossible for me to stick to a theme. And I know that diversity is the kryptonite of blogging. You’re supposed to “brand” yourself. Stay true to your brand. Perhaps that is the key to success. And maybe many people won’t read my blog because it’s just too god damn all over the place- but it’s supposed to be a reflection of who I am. Brand-less, complicated, and relatively inconsistent. (Sorry, now I’m just bragging.)

So, I expanded. What is equally as important to me as plant-based food? Travel steps in as a close second. How predictable. So, to tie in plant based cooking and travel; the page transitioned into what it is now, The Vegobond Blog. (Vej-oh-bond. Not veeg-oh-bond. Just to clarify.)

Eventually, this transitioned from what was supposed to be a food blog to a free for all. Now, I just post whatever I feel like. Stories, poems, think pieces, recipes, what have you. I just hope that some of my words can reach out and speak to whoever needs to hear them. Whether if it’s to make better dietary choices, realize that they’re not alone in their time of strife, or just to provide a bit of entertainment.

So- if you like sporadic topic shifts and inconsistent themes, this blog is for you. I might not post often, but everything I put up is genuine. I’m not an enlightened guru of any kind. I am just a person, trying to make it through this life. And I’d like to share my story.

Thank you for reading.