The Actual Accuracy of Astrology- Forces of Nature.

Cosmically alluring and eerily accurate, horoscopes are a phenomena that I have always had difficulty fully getting behind. Although supposedly meant to be “just for fun”, some people live and die by the prophecies that are allegedly translated by the stars.

As a critical person, I know that the astrological birth chart as we know it is no longer accurate. This chart was created by the Babylons over 2000 years ago. As you might imagine, the Earth has shifted a bit on its axis since then.

How are the zodiac signs identified in the first place?

On the dawn of your birthday, the sun will rise and pass over the constellation that makes up the zodiac sign of your birthdate. So, since I am a Libra, the sun should rise over the zodiac of Libra, the balancing scale, as it rises at dawn. But it doesn’t. Because of the Earth’s shift, it passes through “the house” of Scorpio.

So basically, the zodiac chart is absolute nonsense and we are crazy to think that we are affected by the alignment of the stars and planets, right? Well, no. Not really.

As a spiritual person- I do relate to the description of my star sign. I’d like to think that I’m diplomatic, I require balance and for my surroundings to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Those who practice astrology will often pick me out for a Libra. I give off that “vibe.” That energy.

That energy is what leads me to believe that astrology is not just merely a description of basic human traits attributed to individuals based on their birth date. In a sense. It is just that. But it isn’t only that.


What has caused the Earth to shift on its axis, altering the placement of the constellations? Energy. Forces of nature.

From an objective point of view, we can at least agree on this fact.

Bizarre animal activity can be an indication of unrest or change within the universe. When a natural disaster is brewing, animals tend to act strangely. Their migration patterns shift, their overall behavior just seems a bit off. Similar activity is exhibited in the event of a super moon, or planets in retrograde.


We as humans are inherently animals, as detached as we are from our primal selves. Therefore, we involuntarily react to the forces of nature that surround us, more often than not without our acknowledgment. We are so distracted and stimulated by life’s obligations, activities, hobbies and devices that we are not in tune with our primitive urges. But still, we have them.

How much effect does the alignment of the planets and stars actually have on us?

When a planet goes into retrograde, it appears as if it is moving backwards in its orbit. Although this reversal is just an optical illusion, this apparent disruption in the sky can have a stalling effect on our lives.

Each planet’s energy effects different aspects of our lives. Mercury relates to communication, Venus effects our love lives, etc.

How is this even possible, you ask? Take Mercury for instance. The primary element of this planet is surprisingly enough, Mercury. While the planet is in retrograde, it’s energy draws inwards instead of outwards. This shift in energy causes us to draw our own energy in introspectively.

So basically, when a planet is in retrograde, it causes us to overthink and can hinder accomplishments and decision making.

With the rising of this red super-moon, accompanied by six planets in retrograde, there’s a lot of talk of frenzied emotions and bizarre energy. There is accuracy in those claims. It stems from the substantial proof that we are constantly affected by the symphony of energies that we are exposed to.

All things considered, can I say that there is some validity to the horoscope ideology? I suppose I’m on the fence.

I am a Libra after all.


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