Janky little Emilio.

With his cracked windows and mirrors

Rust ridden body, interior peeling from the inside out

But he got me from A to B

VW emblem torn out

Body so banged up, battle scars from the past

Who knows where you were before  I had you

Little Emilio.

Your spray painted hood, rusting from neglect

White and black like a bulls-eye

Marking me as a target

Police profiling, followed by  a shakedown

“Are you holding any heroin, Miss?”

“Fresh out I’m afraid, would you care for a mint?”

Solid little piece, despite his appearance.

But a fucked up fuel pump.

“Climb under the car, hit it with a rock!”

To get the engine started.

It’s a great way to make friends.

“Take this rock, hit my car. Pleased to meet you.”

And every day as we drove

I was certain it would be our last.

“Not today!”

Put Put

“Just a little ways to go!”

Put Put

He was there when I needed

To get me where I needed to be

Little mangled Emilio

Banged up and damaged, just like me.

His days were numbered

I had to say goodbye

Off to the chop shop with you

Thanks for the times, Emilio.

Thanks for the ride.

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