Her too.

A little late to the bandwagon

I never wanted to be here.

But the stigmas are suffocating

No one wants to be here.

But here we are,

So many of us

Glued in unity

For whatever it is that happened

That dulled the sparkle in our eyes.

Because of what we have between our thighs

And the certain lack respect for innocence.

Respect, space, support, dignity

The soul shattering vacancy of what should have been a given

Instead you’re just given excuses.

“We suspect this happened.” Was my only explanation

I always knew a little too much about sex

For someone who thought babies

Came from the belly button

Me too.

Punished for hitting back

Cause boys will be boys

But it’s not lady like to hit back

Just take it like a good girl.

You can’t blame them for staring

You’re such a pretty girl

You’ve had a little too much tonight baby

Do you want to kiss me?

That’s just too bad

If only you weren’t too drunk to stop it.

Me too.

A rite of passage

Every woman never wanted

You can see it in their dulled down eyes

As they stare at the ground

Quickening their pace as the men approach

To tell her how good she looks.

She braces herself out of habit,

Because you just never really know.

And then there comes the look

The pleading pain we all carry

The common glance, the universal stare

When you see it, you’ll know

Her too.

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