Why I Became Vegetarian- The Rant

I am asked this question more often than I’d like to acknowledge. I guess since I’ve been vego for nearly 11 years now, the idea of eating meat is more taboo than not. I honestly cringe when I watch people eating fried chicken. They’re literally eating handfuls of tiny fried body parts! And that’s what freaks me out about eating meat. I didn’t stop for any moral, environmental, or health reasons; although those did come into play much later. No, I developed an aversion to meat.fullsizerender37

Over a decade ago when I was just a wee lass the age of 14, I had a vegetarian friend who had a particularly influencing effect on me. At the time, I was following in the carnivorous footsteps of my family, and didn’t quite understand how someone could become vegetarian. I fell victim to the faux-health propaganda, that you can’t LIVE without it. (Here I am, 11 years later all alive and shit!) But I asked him, “dude how do you not eat meat? I’D DIE without it!!!” To which he replied, “I just don’t like to eat dead bodies.” I was stunned, motionless, as the world around me was warped and disillusioned. But still, I shrugged it off. I liked the way it tasted. So that was it. I would keep eating it.

One night I was at my mothers house, and she cooked me up some cheap cut of steak. Not that I minded the cheaper cuts, but they tend to come with more ligaments and gristle than the nicer cuts. For the first time, I really LOOKED at what I was eating. It was the part of a body. I muscle. You could see the threads and grains of muscle. Tied together with white strips of cartilage. I leaned in closely as I began to dissect the specimen, with unrelenting fullsizerender34disgust. And it only went downhill from there.

The taste grew more metallic by the day. No matter is the meat was cooked to a dry puck; all I could taste was blood. The texture became repulsive. I would shutter when my teeth broke through skin, contacting bone. It all just felt so barbaric. But, was it healthy to cut meat out of my diet? I turned to my most trusted resource, the internet.

As it turns out, there is tons of information pertaining to the detriment of the livestock industry on the environment, humanity, and our overall health. MEAT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!! IT IS ALL A LIE!!!!

A few years after becoming strictly vegetarian, I slipped up by eating some gravy that was made with chicken stock. As you know I’m a Jersey girl, and we love our disco fries. Unfortunately, most places make their gravy with chicken stock. Slightly inebriated, I paid no mind and dug in anyway. Big mistake. I’ll spare you the dirty, stinky details; but my digestive track made me pay for it big time. For days my gut was in shambles.fullsizerender36

This is incredibly common among vegetarians. That once my body had become accustomed to functioning without animal proteins, it would violently reject them if I tried to introduce it back into my diet. A bit concerning, because you have to think: if you went a few years without eating say, spinach, your body would not react that way. More likely than not, it wouldn’t react at all. That’s because your body can properly process plants without having to become “immune” to them. You only become immune to something when you’re body isn’t keen on having it fullsizerender35there; but learns to live with it anyway. Your body isn’t happy. Kind of like when your best friend brings their other best friend along. You just kind of deal, even though it in some sense destroys you.

And you can attain body loving, muscle building protein WITHOUT EATING OTHER ANIMALS! I know. It’s amazing. Don’t believe me? Well, here you are on the internet. Google that ish. Or reject the accessible information contradicting everything that you believe about meat contributing to your nutrition. Living a lie is cool I guess, especially when it’s destroying your body.



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