Escargot Style Mushrooms


Escargot?! Yuck! I’ll never forget the first and only time I ever tried this repulsive dish. As a kid, I was not a picky eater. I’d pretty much eat whatever you put in front of me, and I LOVED my vegetables. (Not a surprise, considering.) But I couldn’t wrap my head around seafood, or snails. Now my older sister, loved both of those things. But she was a picky eater. The pickiest. But for whatever reason, she didn’t mind putting squishy little puss balloons, or snails, into her mouth. When I was maybe 9 years old, we took a family outing to the Delaware River, so my mom could collect slate (she was a freelance artist of the time and liked to paint on slate) and my sister and I could explore and skip rocks with our dad. After the river, we went to a small French restaurant in the area, and they had, you guessed it, Escargot.

Like I said, I wasn’t a picky eater. And as some of you may know, the snails are cooked in an extremely potent garlic butter sauce. So it smelled phenomenal! Naturally, despite knowing what it was, I decided to give it a go. I bit down, and felt the ooze inside my mouth. Reflexively, I spit it right out, into my sisters food. Did I mention we didn’t really get along when we were younger? I mean I didn’t do it on purpose, but I wasn’t sorry about it. (Don’t worry Tara, I wouldn’t spit in your food at this point in life.) Naturally, she freaked out and refused to eat the rest. But that was my first experience with Escargot.

Fast forward to a few years ago. I took a trip up to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire with a few of my friends. They took me to this lovely, homey restaurant, that was set up like a giant log cabin. I mean, it was a giant log cabin, but it was intended to feel like a giant living room rather than a restaurant. We grabbed a couch right in front of the fire and took a gander at the menu. Immediately I was drawn to the Escargot Style Mushrooms. I ordered them, and they were astonishingly delicious. They came in an authentic escargot dish, and were bruleed with gruyere cheese. I was obsessed, so I decided to replicate it.

Overtime, I have tweaked the recipe to be entirely vegan. And it’s so satisfying. You have to try it. You just have to! Alright, so story time is over. Now let’s get cookin.

If you have a cast iron pan, use it for the best results. Otherwise you can use any baking dish that you have on hand. Set your oven to 450 degrees. This recipe is super simple. You’re going to need button mushrooms (or crimini, which is what I prefer) garlic, capers, salt, lemon, parsley, oil or Earth Balance.


Clean off your mushrooms, trimming the stems but leaving them intact. Chop up your garlic and capers very finely. Arrange your mushrooms stem up around the baking dish or pan, and generously top with the garlic/caper mixture, salt, and oil/Earth Balance.

Place the dish into the oven and roast for 10-12 minutes. Stirring occasionally to ensure that the garlic doesn’t burn and everything is incorporated. While the mushrooms are roasting, chop up your parsley and juice the lemon.
When the mushrooms are roasted, pull out the pan and let them cool for one minute. Then stir in the parsley and the lemon.

Now they’re done! There’s nothing left to do but eat! Enjoy! (I know you will!!!)



Escargot Style Mushrooms

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


20 button mushrooms

4 cloves garlic

1 tbsp capers

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp chopped parsley

2 tbsp olive oil

Salt & Pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 450.
  2. Clean mushrooms and trim the stems, but do not remove them.
  3. Chop the garlic, capers, and parsley. Set parsley aside.
  4. In a cast-iron pan, coat mushrooms with olive oil, capers and garlic, salt and pepper.
  5. Put into oven to roast for about 10 minutes, stirring often as to not to burn the garlic.
  6. When mushrooms are roasted, remove from the oven.
  7. Stir in lemon juice and parsley.
  8. Eat up!!


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