Chase The Taste


Chase The Taste

Buzzzziiiiing! I’ve been buzzing. I came across my old blog, “Chase the Taste” and it’s inspired me to get back into travel writing. It started out as a blog about food and travel, but mainly I just focused on travel. Or preparing to travel rather, as the blog was very short lived and there are maybe 6 entries (that are still worth a read though, check out the link!)

After my recent trip to England and Holland, I am full of stories and experiences that I want to share. I would just write them down in a journal, but for whatever reason I have horrible luck with journals and boyfriends and my boyfriends somehow always lose my journals (I still love you Tom ;P) so they’re just not safe. So to preserve the memories and my original thoughts, it’s better to launch them into the interweb where they will hopefully be safe. No worries, I won’t get too personal on here; and if that’s what you’re after I’m sorry to disappoint.

But the point is, this blog is transitioning. It will no longer contain strictly recipes, but travel stories and tips as well. Travel is a huge component of my life, and like food it inspires volumes of passion within me. So that all is getting flooded out onto this page. I considered keeping Chase the Taste, and to keep the food and the travel separate, but that just gets messy. So if you’re just on here for recipes, feel free to skip the travel entries and visa versa.

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