Vegan BLT

It’s all coming full circle hmmmm?! First we learned how to make a couple vegan versions of bacon, chipotle mayo, and now we’re going to apply them! To bread. And make a sandwich with it. Ah hah! Yum!

This is all pretty straight forward. Pick the type of bread that you’d like to use. In this instance, I went with honey wheat. Cause it’s just so delicious. And the slight sweetness offsets the other savory elements of the sandwich. Good food is all about balance. And ingredients.Duh.

Gather up some lettuce, and tomatoes of your choosing. I went with Roma tomatoes, and an arugula/sorrel blend. But you can use romaine, Boston Bibb, spinach, red oak. Whatever you like. I guess I kind of cheated here because neither arugula or sorrel are a type of lettuce….but they’re leafy greens. So I say it counts! If I were to change the L to an A then it would be a vegan BAT. Which is pretty great actually, but perhaps a bit off putting. Unless you’re a big Osbourne fan.


Right. So take your bread, toast it if you like. I didn’t, but I kind of regret that decision. I love the crunch from a nice toasty bread.  Load that bread up with some [chipotle mayo].  Spread it on the bottom and top layers, because I’m reckless like that. I prefer to put avocado on my BLTs, it just gives them that creamy something extra. The lettuce, tomato, and bacon can be put on in any order that you like. I like to put down the lettuce first, then the tomato, and then the bacon. Whichever bacon you choose, either the [eggplant bacon] or the [rice paper bacon].

There you have it! Wham, bam, thank you sandwich. I’m sure you have more ingredients to make an additional sandwich. So indulge! Or spread the love and give it to someone else. Whatever you want 🙂


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