Chipotle Veganaise

If you’re anything like me (for the sake of this blog, I hope that you are!) you simply love mayonnaise. I slop it on my sandwiches. I dip my fries in it (this is more common than ketchup in European countries, keep that in mind before you go on and JUDGE ME) and I make sauces out of it to also slop on my sandwiches and dip things in. But there is a glaring issue when it comes to this glorious condiment. The cholesterol level is strong in this one. (I hope you got that reference.) This is because it is an egg based sauce. Well not anymore! We members of the vegan empire have concocted an anecdote to this conundrum. Pretty much, it’s the same as any other mayonnaise recipe, omitting the eggs.

Let’s get started!!

The most important aspect of this dish is the oil. Choose carefully. The first time I made this recipe, I used olive oil. The taste was…..overpowering. I want to say disgusting. But I don’t want to say that about olive oil…because it’s so delicious in so many other things. But not here. If you really love the taste of olive oil then go ahead, I can’t stop you. But it might be a mistake. Just saying. In my opinion, the best option is Avocado Oil. But that can be rather pricey. Sunflower oil is the next best choice. Not as pricey, but it’s up there. If you want to go with the cheapest option, use canola oil. But if you’re omitting eggs for health reasons rather than animal rights reasons, then perhaps canola isn’t the best. But again, that’s totally up to you! You have total creative freedom here! In terms of choosing your oil. You need to listen to me for the rest of the recipe though, or else it won’t work.

You have one more choice here. The acid. I like using fresh squeezed lemon juice. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a close second best. You can also use white wine vinegar. Sherry Vinegar if you’re feeling frisky.

The next choice you have to make is choosing a dairy free milk. I prefer almond. Soy is also a good choice because of it’s consistency. I would not recommend rice or oat milk because they tend to be a bit thin. But if your heart is set on either of those, have at it. Just make sure it didn’t come from a cow.


Great! We have most of the important base ingredients. Now you’re going to need ground chipotle peppers. Or else it won’t be chipotle mayo. I hope I don’t really need to explain that but you never know. And lastly add a dash of salt. I like using pink Himalayan. It’s packed with nutritious minerals, that most other salts are void of. If you’re going to increase your sodium levels you may as well justify it knowing that there are some beneficial properties!

Alright, so now the fun part. In this instance the absolute best tool to use is an immersion blender. Don’t have one? Use a hand mixer. Don’t have one of those either? Use a whisk. Don’t have one of those? You need to get one cause a fork might do the trick but your wrist will probably break before you get the correct consistency.

Let’s say you have an immersion blender. You need the tall mixing cup that came with your immersion blender. If you don’t have one then you need a tall slender cup of some kind. A thermos would even do. But it might taste like chipotle mayo for a while so…..just keep that in mind.

So you have your blender, you have your cup. Put all of the ingredients into the cup. Set the immersion blender on the bottom, and let her rip. Once you see that most of the oil has emulsified (become solid) slowly move the blender up and down to get the remaining oil from the top incorporated.

That’s it! Taste your creation and adjust the salt and spices if you need to. Don’t adjust the oil or acid because you will break the sauce and then you need to start over and it was all a waste! We don’t’ like waste. In fact, scoop all of that goodness into a jar or container of some kind for safe keeping. It should hold up for a few weeks (unlike real mayonnaise which lasts forever…..creepy.)


Chipotle Veganaise

  • Servings: 16
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


1 cup Avocado oil (or oil of your choice; sunflower, almond, etc.)

1/2 cup Almond Milk (or any non-dairy milk)

1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tsp ground Chipotle pepper

Salt to taste.


  1. In a tall cup (usually included with immersion blender) combine all of ingredients.
  2. Set blender on the bottom of the cup and blend using the low speed.
  3. Once the oil the almost fully homogenized, slowly bring the blender up and down to blend in remaining oil on the top.
  4. Adjust flavor with salt and chipotle.
  5. Seal in a jar or container, chill and enjoy!


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